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is a Sydney-based artist who was born and grew up in Hong Kong, and moved to Australia when he was 16. Pmfk finds himself running between two languages and cultures. He works between digital media and installation, his latest project exploring the idea of embedded video by merging digital media with sculptural forms.


is a Hong Kong-based conceptual artist who studied art in France, and returned to Hong Kong in 1997. Syan is known as the founder of the first Hong Kong based Chinese graffiti team CEA, and in 2002 held Hong Kong's first street art exhibition, 852 Whorehaus. Syan is also known as MC Yan, one of the first Chinese rappers, and vocalist and lyricist of the Hip Hop group, LMF (LazyMuthaFuckaz). With DJ Tommy, MC Yan started the Chopstick Hip Hop Movement by collaborating with musicians from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan and Singapore. In 2006, MC Yan established his own independent music label, Fu©Kin Music, experimenting with Cantonese rap and Chinese spoken word.

Tricontinential (2006) is a video clip from a project titled NSBQ, and is Pmfk and Syan's first collaboration. They say, "Speaking is one of the methods for communication. In history, it became a powerful tool for a man who leads his people and speaks for his country."