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Lissa Barnum

is creating a series of A3 black China ink works on paper titled Recycling. "In managing an emerging global economy, China is now trying to do away with what we should now fight to retain."

Born in Mexico City, Lissa grew up with an art dealer mother representing the works of Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and Tamayo and was fortunate enough to grow up playing in the studios of other great Mexican muralists, sculptors and painters. She left Latin America to study in L.A working on a combined Humanities degree in film, drama & English. For two years she worked in a Hispanic agency specialising in Latin American films. She married musician designer, (partner and mentor) Andrew Barnum before emigrating to Australia in the 80's. They worked together in Sydney for over 20 years building a successful design consultancy, and recorded under the name Vitabeats for Festival, EMI and Hot Records, creating award winning art and videos. For the past 8 years she has taught as an Associate Lecturer in Visual Communication for the School of Design, University of Technology Sydney. Lissa helps develop the design curriculum for the Billy Blue College of Design where she teaches Research Methods and Practice-based theory. She continues working on her arts practice through post-graduate study and intermittent cultural projects.